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New Coronavirus in China Is Treated With HIV Meds

Health officials in China are including two HIV meds as treatment for pneumonia caused by the new coronavirus, reports Bloomberg News. Specifically, the country’s National Health Commission in Beijing recommends the HIV drug Kaletra, which is manufactured by AbbVie and is also marketed as Aluvia. Kaletra is a combination tablet consisting of the meds lopinavir… Read More »

New coronavirus may be much more contagious than initially thought

By Jessica Hamzelou The new virus belongs to the coronavirus familyALFRED PASIEKA/SCIENCE PHOTO LIBRARY A deadly new coronavirus has now reached at least 14 countries. As of Monday 27 January, there are 2794 confirmed cases of the virus, while tens of thousands of people are being kept under medical supervision around the world. Eighty-one people… Read More »