Reasons Why Working Out Can Help Decrease Fat

By | February 6, 2019

You have just started working out and are weighing yourself daily on the bathroom scale to see if any excess pounds have dropped off. To your surprise, it has been about two weeks and you have already lost 5 pounds. While many experts say that this could be water weight dropping off first, you are happy about it and will take it. Your excitement starts you to thinking about working out and how to decrease the fat cells in your body. If you are interested in understanding if working out will help decrease fat cells in your body, then keep reading this article. It will discuss how your daily workout actually helps you burn calories and lose excess weight. In order to understand this hypothesis, you will need to understand some terms like white fat, brown fat, irisin and what is going on from a cellular level according to recent studies done by Harvard Medical School and experts in the medical field.

Reasons Why Working Out Can Help Decrease Fat

What is The Purpose of White Fat In The Body?

The purpose of white fat in your body is to store a significant amount of calories in one space. The white fat accumulation is not good for the body as it just sits there on a cellular level and lingers in your body causing fat build up. The white fat is more for future use and for energy when needed.

What is The Purpose of Brown Fat In The Body?

The purpose of the brown fat in your body is to store calories for fuel to be burned off once activated. The brown fat is better for your body as the excess fat is immediately burned as you begin to work out.

What is Your Irisin?

The irisin goes to the fat that is under the skin and induces it to grow more brown fat. This is the fat that will immediately be burned off as you work out and burn more and more calories. Experts call your Irisin the “Fat Burning phenomenon” and “The exercise hormone” as it helps to burn fat cells and prevent fat cells from formulating in your body.

Reasons Why Working Out Can Help Decrease Fat

How Does Working Out Help to Decrease Body Fat?

Your working out helps to release the irisin in your body. Once the irisin is released it can get under your skin and induce the brown fat, which is immediately burned off, causing you to lose the excess weight. Working out also allows your muscles to work out more, leading to excess calories being burned and excess weight being alleviated. As your muscles begin to work from a cellular level, they will literally speak with your body’s fat cells, telling them to remove the excess fat and weight.

Having More White Fat than Brown Fat Can Cause Harmful Health Issues For Your Body

When your body has more light fat, which is stored, than darker fat, which is immediately burned off, it is prone to more diseases. Parasites may be in the white fat causing serious harm to your body. There are diseases like diabetes, which may be formed by having too many parasites in your body’s blood stream. There are essential oils that can help eliminate the amount of stored fat in your body. This causes your body to be healthier as the milky fat cells are decreased. These essential oils might be a better option for cleansing these parasites and getting your body to function normally as it should. These oils include: oregano, thyme, myrrh, frankincense, tea tree, fennel, chamomile, black cumin, cloves, tansy, ginger and cinnamon. As you begin to think about what our body can do from a cellular level, it begins to help you understand how the term “body heal thyself” came about. As your darker fat increases and your milky like fat decreases, there is less being stored for future use, meaning there is less on your body that can become excess weight. The brown fat burns quickly and releases those unwanted pounds during your work out time. The Dana Farber study from the Harvard Medical School and Cypress came out with the understanding of how the body burns off excess calories. Before the study was done, this was a mystery for centuries to medical experts around the world. Your muscles have the ability to speak with its brown fat cells while helping to alleviate excess pounds. The concept of eat less and exercise more was born from this study. As people begin to learn what is good for their bodies, they should be able to take off those excess pounds and keep them off.

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