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Ariana Grande Deleted a Bunch of Tweets About Appropriating and Appreciating Japanese Culture

It feels like an eternity since Ariana Grande released “7 Rings” because there hasn’t been a shortage of things to call her out for. From the get-go, her followers have criticized her for cultural appropriation—specifically, ripping off women of color and using the Japanese language to promote her song when there was really no connection… Read More »

Ariana Grande's New Mystery Project Involves All of Your Favorite Romantic Comedies

What Ariana Grande sometimes lacks in ponytail height, she more than makes up for in HUGE projects that are shrouded in mystery, like her latest one involving all your favorite romantic comedies. ICYMI, Ariana has been busy recreating scenes and ~lewks~ from her favorite early 2000’s movies. The first movie she decided to reboot was… Read More »