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Breast cancer drug trial raises hopes

A new type of drug that blocks one of cancer’s escape routes from chemotherapy could be used to treat aggressive breast cancers, a study suggests. Scientists at The Institute of Cancer Research (ICR), London, found the drug could boost the response to chemotherapy in cancers that had become resistant in both cells grown in the… Read More »

When Women’s Health Clinics Close, More Women Die of Cervical Cancer

New research presented at the Annual Meeting of the American Society for Radiation Oncology (ASTRO) found that the closing of nearly 100 women’s health clinics between 2010 and 2013 across the United States resulted in fewer women being screened for cervical cancer, more diagnoses being made later when the disease was more advanced and greater… Read More »

A Classic Puerto Rican Condiment May Help Reduce Breast Cancer Risk

Looking for a tasty way to reduce your cancer risk? Eating sofrito, an oniony, garlicky condiment popular in Latin American cuisine but particularly so in Puerto Rican cooking, may help, suggests a new study published in Nutrition and Cancer. The study found that women who ate sofrito—a popular foundation for stews, beans and rice dishes… Read More »

Cancer sufferer, five, who has always wanted to be a tattoo artist lives out her dream

Leukaemia-stricken girl, five, who has always wanted to be a tattoo artist lives out her dream as inking parlour gives her a one-day apprenticeship The girl, known only as Maja, is battling acute lymphoblastic leukemia  Charity ‘A Special Wish’ arranged for a local parlour to set up an apprenticeship  Youngster drew a panda design, which… Read More »