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Headache treatment: The long journey to evidence-based guidelines – Healio

PHILADELPHIA — Headache treatment has come a long way to reach the current system of evidence-based guidelines, according to a presentation at the American Headache Society Annual Scientific Meeting. Stephen D. Silberstein, MD, FAHS, of the Jefferson Headache Center, described some of the earliest recorded treatments for headache, including an ancient Egyptian method that called… Read More »

The Unexpected Journey

“How do I do this, and how can I make it to class if I cannot even make it through the front door. Open the car door, turn off the car, make sure you have wallet, keys, and hopeful demeanor.” December 8, 2018 by Brian Cardoza Leave a Comment The drive was pleasant, uneventful, and… Read More »

Grief is a Journey, Not a Destination

Free Website Content » Health » Stress and Anxiety Articles There are days you sit in a chair and stare out the window because living seems to take too much energy. Even to think about what to make for dinner is an all-consuming task. It can be daunting, feeling as if there is nothing in… Read More »