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New coronavirus may be much more contagious than initially thought

By Jessica Hamzelou The new virus belongs to the coronavirus familyALFRED PASIEKA/SCIENCE PHOTO LIBRARY A deadly new coronavirus has now reached at least 14 countries. As of Monday 27 January, there are 2794 confirmed cases of the virus, while tens of thousands of people are being kept under medical supervision around the world. Eighty-one people… Read More »

Health in 2 Point 00, Episode 105 | JP Morgan 2020: Virta, Arcadia Health, Teladoc & more

Data Jan 22, 2020• Today on Health in 2 Point 00, Jess and I bring you the first ever cliffhanger episode—money was flying everywhere during JP Morgan last week, so stay tuned for more tomorrow. Jumping right in, on Episode 105 we discuss Virta Health raising $ 93 million for diabetes reversal treatment in a… Read More »

More engaged, assertive and confident: Lucy’s bone-anchored hearing story

Lucy Brown is an active 12-year-old who has just been accepted into her middle school’s medical program and dreams of one day becoming an ear, nose and throat doctor as well as a member of the Olympic gymnastics team. Perhaps the only difference between her and the other Level 8 USA gymnasts she competes against… Read More »

More evidence that strenuous exercise staves off age-related cognitive decline

Run, swim and bike for a healthy brain: Scientists uncover yet MORE evidence that strenuous exercise may stave off age-related decline Study found cycling halted decline of grey matter by increasing oxygen uptake The brain region helps control cognitive abilities and decreases as we get older They recommend two-and-a-half hours of moderate exercise every week… Read More »

Why we need fibre — and how we can get more of it

By Vanessa Hrvatin Fibre is known to be an important part of a nutritious diet, yet most of us are notoriously bad at getting enough of it. It’s estimated that most Canadians only consume about half the amount of recommended daily fibre. But why is it an important part of our diet? Here’s everything you… Read More »