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Singularity University’s Exponential Medicine Kicks Off Today in San Diego – Singularity Hub

Tech is changing almost every aspect of modern life, and medicine and healthcare are no exception. New technologies are bringing quick advancement to areas that need them, and enabling rapid progress in everything from disease diagnosis to drug discovery. Neuroscientists are continuously learning more about the inner workings of the human brain, from where consciousness… Read More »

The Top Biotech and Medicine Advances to Expect in 2019 – Singularity Hub

2018 was bonkers for science. From a woman who gave birth using a transplanted uterus, to the infamous CRISPR baby scandal, to forensics adopting consumer-based genealogy test kits to track down criminals, last year was a factory churning out scientific “whoa” stories with consequences for years to come. With CRISPR still in the headlines, Britain… Read More »