Your Sex Horoscope for the Weekend

By | October 11, 2019

Your sexoscope for the week of October 11 to October 17:


What’s happening: Venus opposite Uranus on Saturday while the Moon is in your sign, followed up by the supportive aspect between the Sun and lucky Jupiter on Sunday.

What it means: Some shockingly sexy DMs head your way this weekend, and it’s hard to pick the right person to invite over—take time choosing, and then dive right in! This weekend is your opportunity to connect with someone who has substance, and your hookup could develop into something more before you know it!


What’s happening: Venus and Uranus, planet of disruption, oppose each other on Saturday, and Mercury teams up with Saturn on Monday.

What it means: You’re usually pretty low-key, but right now, you’re feeling bold enough to send your crush a sexy Snapchat or risqué text! You never know what could happen, so just go for it! As long as you aren’t too forward with them, you could have the first date (or just your first dick appointment in 5ever) this week!


What’s happening: The Moon is in Aries, and lucky Jupiter teams up with the Sun on Sunday!

What it means: You’re feeling even more social than usual, so head out for some drinks! You’re birdwatching at the bar, but all eyes are on you. Who’s the cutest face in the crowd? Get their number or buy them a drink, and you’re basically guaranteed to have a great time. Whether it’s a fling or the start of something big is TBD, but point is that this is a great weekend to try something (or someone) new!


What’s happening: Venus and Uranus, planet of surprises, are opposite each other on Saturday, and on Tuesday, Mercury and Neptune harmonize.

What it means: A friendship-turned-situationship is a major stressor for you this weekend, NGL. The sex is great, and getting it on with someone who’s not a total stranger is a nice change from the usual hookup scene, but the confusing feels afterwards are dreadful. Don’t expect a full-blown relationship to come outta this—Mercury is in its pre-retrograde phase—but as long as you’re upfront about your thoughts and feelings, you should at least feel a little better about everything.


What’s happening: On Sunday, the Sun teams up with Jupiter, planet of abundance!

What it means: Two zones of your chart are lighting up this weekend—the zones of communication and sex/romance! Whether this manifests into meeting a total thottie, having a mind-blowing time in bed, or just throwing in a little dirty talk into your next hookup, the point is this is a super fun weekend with plenty of action involved!


What’s happening: An Aries Moon for the entire weekend followed by a supportive Mercury/Saturn sextile on Monday. On Tuesday, there’s a connection between Mercury and Neptune.

What it means: You’re deep in your feels, enough to flip out when your latest Tinder match doesn’t message you back or blow up on your boo when they tell you they’re not in the mood to get it on, so the weekend might start off a little cray-cray. DW, the week is way better. Communication clears up, your love life slows down a little, and all that anxiety and straight-up mental anguish turn into more lovey-dovey, happy feelings, so it’s perfect to do something sweet n’ romantic!


What’s happening: The Moon is in Aries! On Sunday, the Sun teams up with Jupiter, planet of luck.

What it means: You’re on a mission to get lucky this weekend, and you’re determined to make it happen! You’re feeling more forward and bold, and you know you’re a total catch, so hit up your crush! Start swiping right on aaaalllll the hotties! Nothing can stand in your way!


What’s happening: There’s an opposition between Venus and Uranus on Saturday! On Tuesday, Mercury and Neptune, planet of dreams, connect.

What it means: Huge fights or some majorly hot-and-heavy (maybe both?) action are happening this weekend, Scorpio, so fasten your seat belt. That missing spark in your love life gets reignited afterwards, and you’re feeling pretty good about things by the end of the week, even if the weekend was MEGA dramatic.


What’s happening: The Moon is in Aries all weekend, and on Sunday the Sun links up with your fav planet, Jupiter.

What it means: You’re even more fired up than usual this weekend, as well as more charismatic, outgoing, and confident—all of which are making you come off hotter than ever! I’d tell you to reel it in a little, but you never hold back. The lucky person that you’re taking home with you is in for a real treat, and you can look forward to a bangin’ weekend.


What’s happening: On Saturday, Venus and Uranus, planet of disruption, get into a tiff. On Tuesday, the Moon enters Taurus.

What it means: Your love life is getting electrified! This could be a (one-time) hookup with the person of your dreams, adding a third person to the bedroom, or just pulling out all the whips and chains to make sex exciting again—and it’s so much fun that you’re in an effing fantastic mood for the whole week.


What’s happening: There’s an Aries Moon, and on Sunday, the Sun and Jupiter connect.

What it means: You’re busy AF going out with friends, meeting new people, and getting it on for hours in bed with someone you just can’t get enough of. They (might) not be relationship material, but who cares? Good sex is good sex, and this weekend’s defs the right time to get it in.


What’s happening: On Monday, the Sun squares off with Pluto, planet of transformation, and on Tuesday, Mercury connects with dreamy Neptune.

What it means: If you’re crushing hard on one of your homies, your friendship might get a few benefits sprinkled into it this weekend. Your feelings are ultra inconsistent–you might think they’re the LOYL today, and be so over them tomorrow, so try and be clear with your intentions. If you want a LTR, tell them, that way you can steer clear of the confusion coming with Mercury Retrograde (which is right around the corner) and keep your friendship in one piece.

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