Can the flu shot cause diarrhea

By | May 13, 2020

can the flu shot cause diarrhea

You get the flu shot to ward off getting sick, but feeling crappy is a common side effect of the vaccine. Many people mistakenly believe this is because the flu shot causes you to come down with the virus. In fact, according to a study of 1, people published in Vaccine, 43 percent believed that getting the flu vaccine could give you the flu. So there is no possibility you can get the flu from the flu shot. However, you could experience discomfort from the shot itself, which are very similar to symptoms of the flu. Although extremely rare, it is possible to develop an allergic reaction to the flu shot.

These side effects last a short time compared to the actual flu illness, the CDC says. Some workplaces run annual immunisation programs for staff. Those who’ve had a severe allergic reaction to a flu vaccine in the past should generally not be vaccinated, the CDC says.

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