Face transplant for man who shot himself cost $1.5M

By | December 1, 2018

His face transplant cost an arm and a leg.

The groundbreaking procedure to give Cameron Underwood a new mug has cost $ 1.5 million to date, according to NYU Langone Health, which performed the operation.

Medical officials told The Post that almost one-third of the cost was covered by regular insurance, and the additional funding — which went toward clinical care and research associated with the transplant — was provided by a grant from the Department of Defense, “as well as support from NYU Langone Health.”

Doctors hope that the ­operations in the future will become less expensive and more mundane.

“I’d like to say that there have been so many amazing advances in surgery,” ­Underwood said Thursday at a press conference. “I’m living proof of that.”

Living | New York Post

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