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X-Rays and Electron Beams Print 3D Soft Objects at High Resolution

Researchers at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), which is part of the U.S. Department of Commerce, have developed a new technique to 3D print soft objects, such as hydrogels, at a higher resolution than previously possible. The technique uses X-rays or electron beams to crosslink the gels, helping to create complex structures… Read More »

NHS Covid-19 app: England and Wales get smartphone contact tracing for over-16s

By Leo Kelion & Rory Cellan-JonesTechnology reporters Related Topics Coronavirus pandemic People living in England and Wales are being urged to download the government’s official contact-tracing app following its official release. NHS Covid-19 instructs users to self-isolate for 14 days if it detects they were nearby someone who has the virus. It also has a… Read More »

Coffee may help colon cancer patients’ longevity, study finds

In addition to possibly helping to protect the liver, coffee could also aide in colon cancer patients’ longevity, according to a new study. In a study of 1,171 patients with advanced or metastatic colorectal cancer, researchers found that increased coffee intake “was associated with [a] lower risk of disease progression and death,” according to the… Read More »

Downsizer changes mean retirees can upsize their super

Until now, government initiatives to alleviate the pandemic’s economic impacts have not offered much support to the older generation. However, a new ruling by the Australian Tax Office provides a potential way for some retirees to improve their retirement income. Now, the government’s downsizer legislation allows retirees who own their home to sell a part… Read More »