Siobhan Byrne: Move your body to calm your mind

By | April 1, 2020

In these unprecedented times our sudden lack of routine and the need for social distancing can mean that our fitness can really suffer, and soon to follow, the waistline. Above all else there is one main reason why fitness is such an important part of life – and that is it makes you feel good. When you exercise you release endorphins and that, simply put, makes you happy. At times like this it’s really important to keep that going, not just for you but for your entire family.

s a mom I completely get how difficult it is to entertain the kids all day long without the use of technology, but adding in fitness routines that the entire family can do can be a great start in structuring your day. As we start to see sunnier days, although cold, it’s a great opportunity to get out to the garden with these simple but effective bodyweight exercises that work out the entire body and will get the heart rate up.

Even for my own family, not having a specific structure to our day can mean picking at foods throughout the day that you wouldn’t usually pick, which can quickly lead to sluggishness, lethargy and weight gain. So, get up and get moving with this 15-minute workout which will keep you focussed, make you feel great and keep your fitness level up.

Pick a time and stick with it to make exercise part of your daily routine.

* Repeat each exercise for 15 reps or 15 reps on each side. Compete all four exercises — this is one set. Aim for four sets 

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Warrior  lunge

Warrior lunge 1


■ Start upright with feet shoulder width apart. Then simply lunge forward then push off the front foot to get back to start position.

Warrior lunge 2


Repeat same movement on opposite side. Keep your back flat and arms straight overhead throughout.

AB Chopper

AB chopper 1


■ Lie on your back with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor with arms stretched out overhead.

AB chopper 2


Lift your upper body and arms in one motion twisting the body to one side like a chop. Return to start position repeating then on the other side.

Front Bridge hip drop


Front bridge hip drop 1

Front bridge hip drop 1

Front bridge hip drop 1


■ Lie face down with your arms tucked in by your side and come up onto your toes in bridge position.


Front bridge hip drop 2

Front bridge hip drop 2

Front bridge hip drop 2


Lower one side of the hip towards the floor twisting your torso then returning to start position holding briefly before repeating on the opposite side.

Y squat


■ Stand upright with your feet wide and toes pointing slightly out and your arms stretched out overhead.


Then simply lower your body towards the ground then push through the heels and hips back up to start position. Keep your back straight throughout.

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