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Scientists are ‘concerned’ after high levels of ‘forever chemicals’ found in breast milk of mothers

Scientists say they are ‘concerned’ after high levels of ‘forever chemicals’ used in everything from cosmetics to take out containers found in the breast milk of US mothers – up to 2,000 TIMES greater than what is declared safe in drinking water A new study looked at breast milk samples from 50 U.S. mothers and… Read More »

Do you have malaria forever

These days, vaccines cause fewer problems than in the past. Your doctor will also test your blood for a CBC and test the function of your liver and possibly other organs. Anyone with suspected malaria should be treated under medical supervision as soon as possible. The myth about “no alcohol after receiving vaccines” may have… Read More »

How to be acne free forever

In how to be acne free forever end, how far you have to go with diet depends on your genes, epigenetics, nutritional status, food sensitivities, environment, etc. Mist is stuffed with nourishing minerals and antioxidants stop their acne, these imagine it or not. Why the Mbenga Pygmies in the Congo Basin have such clear skin… Read More »