Can Getting No Likes on Instagram Affect Mental Health?

By | October 3, 2019

Social media sites like Instagram give a platform to people to express themselves through photos. You upload a picture, allow your followers to like, share, and comment, and that gives you some sense of relaxation. The ability to virtually communicate with people so quickly, and most importantly, getting attention and recognition are what makes this platform so popular among users. But, building the number of follower count can be tough. If you are not a celebrity, you may not see thousands of likes on your post every day. Does that affect your mental health? Let’s find out.

The likes hiding test

Quite recently, Instagram started a feature that helped to hide likes. It’s nothing serious as you think. Although you will be able to see who and how many likes you get per post, your followers won’t be able to see the same thing. This is a step to stop users from feeling competitive. According to a study conducted by RSPH, this competitive nature often brings anxiousness among Instagram users.

There are two reasons why this step is beneficial. First, you can focus on giving better posts. Millions of people put up random photos just to get likes and comments. This will increase the number of organic followers. For example, you are a travel blogger, and you regularly post photos of your destinations on your Instagram handle. No matter how good your post is, you don’t get enough likes because of the lack of followers.

You can increase that number significantly in a couple of days. Many websites provide genuine followers against a small amount of money so that you have a large number of Instagram followers. Poprey, for example, is one of those sites that can hook you up with hundreds of followers instantly. Once you start getting satisfactory likes, shares, and comments, it will bring in new followers.

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However, Instagram believes that only you should know who and how many followers like your posts. This will keep everyone happy in the process of becoming an Instagram sensation. It’s not easy to become a popular face on social media, but you can certainly try the like-buying technique to gain some organic likes and followers.

Instagram and Mental Health

Well, mental health is more about how satisfied you are at the end of the day. If socializing on Instagram is your path, then so be it. Considering that no one can see your likes, how does that matter anyway? If you can see the people who like your posts, you should be happy with it. If you don’t get any likes, go buy some. When there is a way to deal with the no-like issue, why not opt for it and keep your mind satisfied?

It’s like buying new clothes. If you are not happy with your old ones in the wardrobe, go buy new ones. You got to do whatever it takes to keep your mind happy. Always remember that if your mind is happy, your body will remain happy too!

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