Elyse Knowles’ photos of ‘freaky’ surgery

By | December 19, 2018

WARNING: Graphic images.

Former reality star turned model Elyse Knowles has shared some graphic images of a recent surgery, where a growth was removed from her right eye.

Knowles, who shot to fame after winning the 2017 season of reality TV show The Block, has expanded her career in modelling — including become an ambassador for retail giant Myer.

But with just a few more sleeps until Christmas, the 26-year-old revealed instead of celebrating the festive season, she went under the knife for surgery on her left eye, leaving some “freaky” looking results.

Knowles took to her Instagram page on Tuesday to tell her followers about the surgery, and how she developed a growth on her eye.

“I had a growth taken off my eyeball yesterday,” she said while showing off her bloodshot eye.

“I have always had red eyes … I look stoned right now. So I decided to get it off (because) it always got irritated by makeup.”

Knowles went on to explain the procedure, which required the removal of the white part of her eye and relocating it to another part.

“I swear the growth is from modelling,” she said. “This is freaky!

“I look in to the sun (while shooting) … going blind at the same time.”

Despite the surgery, Knowles was in good spirits. Poking her tongue out to the camera while showing off her eye, she said the procedure had gone well and that her vision had not been affected.

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