Expanding the osteopathic concept for the health of all things [PODCAST]

By | February 20, 2021

“We are all interrelated.

This is the foundational basis of osteopathic medicine. Whether considering internal relationships of the systems of the body or the external relationships of a person with the world around them, connection is a key principle at the core of osteopathy.

Developed at a time when the baseline medical practice was lacking and offered as an answer to the beckoning call for a new perspective on methods of practice, osteopathic medicine is itself a call to curiosity and creativity. It is an invitation to challenge the status quo while standing in reverence of the grand design of human form and respect for the engagement with all of nature.

Is there anything about the current practice of medicine that frustrates you?

Do you notice outcomes that seem inappropriate, unfair, or discriminatory?

Considering the possibility of health, do you see untapped potential in patients?

Osteopathic philosophy offers the opportunity to see through to possible solutions.”

Amelia L. Bueche is an osteopathic physician and founder, This Osteopathic Life.

She shares her story and discusses her KevinMD article, “Expanding the osteopathic concept for the health of all things.”

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