Mukbang: the new YouTube trend that could make you healthier (and give you a few laughs)

By | November 5, 2018

Mukbang, aka watching people cooking and eating, is big news on Youtube. If that sounds strange, take a look at some of the videos below and you may start to get its weird appeal

Remember Gogglebox? The show where we watch people watching TV? If you thought that was strange then get ready for Mukbangs. Mukbangs are pretty much people eating (sometimes cooking) and talking in front of a camera.

Starting off in South Korea several years ago this unique trend is basically people eating on camera. So why do people watch this? In South Korea, it’s considered a little strange to eat on your own. recording themselves eating meant people now had virtual company.

In fact, recently we published a story about Sally Olivia Kim, from South Korean descent, who told us what she eats specifically for great skin. Click here to read.

There’s also a loneliness problem in Britain at the moment with the government recently appointing its first loneliness minister to stop this issue reaching the epic proportions it is expected to by 20130. 

You can see some mukbangers eating enough to feed ten people (how does that even work?), and there are also those who tell their hilarious stories as they eat. It shouldn’t work but somehow, it does.

This first started on a website called AfreecaTV in the 2010s where people could comment on their videos as they hosted their live eating show. With this, commenters could interact with the person on the screen and request their favourite meals for them to try on camera next time.

While mukbang is now so popular, even beauty gurus on YouTube are doing it, most of the focus is still on eating junk food.

But a growing army of mukbangers are going down the healthy eating while you watch route.

5 mukbangers we love

Here are 8 who not only cook healthy food and give us recipes, but are also incredibly entertaining. Get ready to crave all the meals that are being eaten

1. Mommy Tang

Mommy Tang is a mother of five and vegan. She promotes a healthy lifestyle whilst also being incredibly funny and entertaining.

Being of Korean descent, oftentimes she cooks and eats wonderful vegan korean meals – showing us vegan alternatives to the traditionally fish and meat laden cuisine.

Seeing her cute kids in the back whilst she’s yelling at the camera is always fun. With her outgoing and carefree personality I feel like she’s my favourite aunt who always has the the right answers to any problem I’m going through. 

With her motto PROTEIN PROTEIN PROTEIN and her subscribers called Tang Gang, it’s always a joy to watch Mommy Tang’s videos.

Here she makes a traditional Korean dessert whilst talking about her love life.

2.  Well Your World

Next up is Well Your World. Here we have two vegan brothers who cook and eat, sometimes in seperate videos. They love to promote eating ‘real’ food and answering questions and concerns people may have about food.

3. Sunny Sharde

Though not vegan, this wonderful lady often cooks at home and promotes home-made meals. Though she does treat herself sometimes, her genuine and ‘real’ style of cooking and lack of production makes me feel like I’m enjoying a meal with a friend. She makes anything look good, so try to avoid her fast food mukbangs (even though it’s super hard to do).

4. Thien Le

Another one of my personal favourites, Thien Le is an incredible mukbanger. You can tell how much he’s enjoying his food and his broad palette is enviable. He often dabbles in cultural cuisines you may not have tried yourself, making your mouth water for flavours you haven’t even tried before.


Considered one of the queens of Mukbang, Keemi also integrates between healthy and unhealthy. Her boyfriend also does mukbangs and their cutness during these videos is just adorable. With her dog in the background and the homely-setting, I always feel comfortable and cosy when watching her eat. The way she bosses her boyfriend around and her witty responses to his goofiness always crack me up.

6. Cheap Lazy Vegan

With a YouTube handle like that what more would you want? Making cheap, easy vegan meals and enjoying it for you is what this entire YouTube channel is about.

…think that’s weird? Now get ready for LISTENING to people eat

If you didn’t think that Mukbang was unusual enough, I’ve got something else up my sleeve for you. ASMR. That stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response.

This pretty much means that certain sounds and acts can cause tingling and calming sensations in specific people. One form of ASMR that has everybody watching (or listening) is food ASMR.

Here, take a look (or should we say, listen) for yourselves – but a warning, if you don’t find the sound of people eating calming, take your headphones off now:

Hungry Herbivore ASMR

Mystic Saurus

Just an FYI, the Korean Film festival is happening from November 1 – 14 in London. To find out what events and films they’ve got, and to book tickets, click here.

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