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Can anxiety lead to heart attack

Many studies have linked heart disease and depression, but heart problems may also go hand in hand with anxiety. Several studies have shown that about a quarter of people with cardiovascular disease have some kind of anxiety problem and, in some cases, the anxiety seems to make the heart condition worse. Researchers have reported, for… Read More »

Belly Fat Can Lead to an Attack of Pancreatitis

By Kayla McKiski HealthDay Reporter TUESDAY, March 17, 2020 (HealthDay News) — Obesity is not only tied to chronic diseases like type 2 diabetes, researchers now say it’s also linked to a painful condition known as acute pancreatitis. “We were able to demonstrate that fat within the belly is rapidly degraded during acute [sudden-onset] pancreatitis,… Read More »

Can flu cause heart attack

Tips for Heart Attack Prevention The goal after your heart attack is to keep your heart healthy and lower your risk of having another heart attack. Of those who had gotten the flu shot, only 3 percent had a heart attack or unstable angina. Any of these can can flu cause heart attack to heart… Read More »