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By | October 16, 2018

This process in medical term is known as “atherosclerosis”. Blockage of an artery in this way starves the heart of oxygen. If the blockage is mild only pain results. If severe, the part of the heart that is starved of oxygen actually dies – this is what we call a heart attack .

An angioplasty is a medical procedure used to open a blocked coronary artery and improves blood flow to the heart. Sometimes after a heart attack, surgeons attempt to open up a clogged artery through a technique called ‘Balloon Angioplasty.’In balloon angioplasty, a long tube (catheter) with a balloon at one end is inserted through the groin and is guided to the clogged artery in the heart. At the site the balloon is inflated. The inflated balloon crushes the plaque (deposit) on the artery wall. The balloon is then deflated and withdrawn. Besides balloon angioplasty there is another technique called laser angioplasty in which a laser beam is used to cut through the plaque. After the procedure, your doctor may insert a device called a stent to keep the artery open for a longer period of time. In most cases, this procedure is safe and effective. If complications occur, they can include nausea, minor infections, and temporary pain.

What Is Angioplasty? Balloon angioplasty (also known as just angioplasty) is a procedure that allows your doctor to open blocked coronary arteries, which are the arteries that provide oxygen and nutrients to your heart muscle. In this procedure a balloon catheter (thin tube) is inserted into a blocked artery to remove the blockage. The blockage may be present in an artery in the arm, leg, or in the heart. The catheter is inserted into a blood vessel either at the elbow or groin. It is pushed through the inside of the blood vessel so that the tip of the catheter is at the point of the blockage in the artery. The narrowed artery is stretched by inflating a balloon at the tip of the catheter allowing blood to flow normally through the artery again. The doctor then removes the catheter and balloon. Often, an expandable device, called a stent, is inserted into your blocked artery after the procedure. Stents can help the artery remain open for a longer period of time. Your doctor’s choice to perform an angioplasty or insert a stent is based on the type and location of your blockage.In addition to being effective, this procedure is safe and well tolerated in most cases. The Question that must be striking in our mind is why To Select India for such Treatments ? India offers World Class Medical Facilities, comparable with any of the western countries. India has state of the art Hospitals and the best qualified doctors. With the best infrastructure, the best possible Medical facilities, accompanied

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with the most competitive prices, you can get the treatment done in India at the lowest charges. People from different walks of life cut across the entire span of the globe come to India to have their treatments done with peace of mind. India’s excellent education system is not only churning out computer programmers and engineers, but an estimated 20,000 to 30,000 doctors and nurses each and every year.

The list of India Best Hospitals includes Apollo, Fortis, Max Healthcare, Escorts, AIIMs, Wockhardt, etc. A few top Medical tourism providers are, With time more and more visitors will flock to this part of the globe for their treatment and relaxation needs. Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals New Delhi is part of the Apollo Hospitals Group and is a multi-specialty tertiary care Institute with over 50 medical and surgical disciplines. With over 7000 beds in 38 hospitals, a string of nursing and hospital management colleges, and dual lifelines of pharmacies and diagnostic clinics providing a safety net across Asia, Apollo Hospitals is a healthcare powerhouse you can trust with your life. Narayana Hospitals Bangalore is one the best hospitals in India, in the field of Cardiology, Pediatric care, Neurology, Gastroentrology, Nephrology and Urology and Transplants. The rich come here for the world’s best heart care. The poor come here for the world’s kindest care, for no one here is turned away for lack of funds. Fortis Healthcare Limited (FHL) is an enterprise from the promoters of Ranbaxy, India’s largest pharmaceutical company and a global giant. With the first flagship venture of the Group, Fortis Hospital at Mohali in 2001, today the Fortis network has grown to ten hospitals with a bed capacity of around 1600 beds establishing itself as one of India’s leading advanced tertiary care Healthcare Group. This is one of the important point that cannot be ignored is that you get the best treatment in most reasonable charges. Moreover India is rich in natural beauty and it’s wide heritage. Here you can have your treatment done as well as relax and have complete mental peace.

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Various hospitals and health care providers have recognized our reliability in this area across India. Ten years ago, medical tourism was hardly large enough to be noticed but nowadays Medical Tourism is fast becoming a worldwide, multibillion-dollar industry, whereby people from world over visit India for their medical and relaxation needs. Health And Fitness | Surgery