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Summer Fun, Safely – Tips for Active Kids

Summer days mean more time outdoors to enjoy a variety of activities. Whether your family likes to swim, bike, boat, hike, run, or picnic in the park, putting safety first can help prevent unintended trips to the emergency room. Here are some tips to avoid interrupting the family summer fun. 1. Rely on your eyes,… Read More »

Fun in the Sun: Summer Weekend Safety Tips

Summer offers many opportunities for weekend fun – especially this long holiday weekend. It’s become tradition to spend this time under the sun and in the water, welcoming the arrival of the warm weather. But with this celebrating comes an increased risk for injuries, so making safety a part of your summer weekend plans is… Read More »

Vikings actress Maude Hirst reveals how mindfulness changed her life – plus her top tips for beginners

Is mindfulness just a trend or does it have the power to change your life for the better? Vikings actress Maude Hirst reveals how she discovered mindfulness plus her top tips for beginners I’m Maude Hirst. I’m an actor (playing Helga in the TV series Vikings), a meditation and yoga teacher, a theta healer and… Read More »