Kelsy Karter Just Got a Tattoo of Harry Styles on Her Face and It's Really Something

By | January 28, 2019

Good morning! In today’s “OMG, WTF” celebrity news, singer Kelsy Karter just got a Harry Styles face tattoo and it requires your immediate attention.

Yesterday, Kelsy posted these two pictures on Instagram showing off her fresh ink.

And you, like the rest of the internet, might be thinking, “HOLY SHIT, IS THIS REAL?” Great question! Let’s dive into that, shall we?

Here’s what we know so far. In the second photo in the above series, she’s posing with tattoo artist Romeo Lacoste. He’s tagged in the pic.

Romeo’s Instagram doesn’t have any proof of him tattooing Kelsy, but he allegedly posted an Instagram Story while doing it, which has since either expired or been deleted. You can see if in the photo below. T god for screenshots, right?

Like, people are reporting that it’s from his stories, and that is definitely a needle coming into contact with her face, right?

She did hint a few days ago that she had big plans for Harry’s birthday on February 1. Check out this tweet.

And she did give an interview with i-D this summer where she talked about how much she loved Harry. Direct quote: “What I love about him from a professional standpoint is that he was the poppiest of pop stars, and then he went off on his own and made a classic rock album. For someone like me who wants to live in that world who hasn’t been in a boy band, he has opened the door for me.

“He’s introduced the kids to the kind of music I want to make. For that, I’m really grateful. I also just want his career. I feel like I’m a female version. I actually moved to America to act, and music became my main thing. Rock ‘n’ roll is my passion. I really want to work with him. Let’s work, Harry. Where you at? Mark my words: I’m getting a song on his album.”

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So there is DEFINITELY documentation of her love of Harry. But seriously… there’s no way this is real right? Even if there are hella receipts? Like, THAT’S HER FACE.

FYI, Cosmopolitan reached out to Romeo to confirm whether this tat is real or not. Stay tuned!

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