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This Biotech Startup Just Raised $47 Million To Make Drugs From Fungi

Fungi in the lab Hexagon Bio In 1928, a Scottish researcher by the name of Alexander Fleming came back from vacation to discover that he’d accidentally grown a species of fungi called Penicillium on a petri dish containing bacteria. The fungi, to Fleming’s surprise, appeared to be keeping the growth of that bacteria at bay.… Read More »

Why did i just get allergies

Allergies can come in many shapes and sizes. While some people can enjoy beautiful weather, others avoid going outdoors at all costs. The same situation may occur for people watching others enjoy an endless variety of foods while they must be very selective. Have you ever wondered what causes your stuffy nose and sneezing? For… Read More »

Canada sours on its drug system just as Trump looks to import from it

Just as the Trump administration is planning to let states import prescription drugs from Canada, the United States’s northern neighbors have grown impatient with their own high drug prices. Canada is enmeshed in a drug pricing war. Canadians are paying among the highest prices in the world for drugs, prompting lawmakers to consider a major… Read More »

Viewpoints: Capitalism’s Cruel Cravings Fuel Vaping, Opioid Epidemics; Biogen Just Ditched Its Alzheimer’s Trial Participants By Pulling The Plug The First Time

Editorial writers focus on these health topics and others. Stat: Vaping And Prescription Opioids: Limbic Capitalism In Action  Have you ever written something and sent it off, only to encounter a perfect example of what you wanted to say? That happened to me. I had just finished a new book on addiction when the vaping… Read More »