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Maddening itch of liver disease comes from a surprising source

A devastating itching of the skin driven by severe liver disease turns out to have a surprising cause. Its discovery points toward possible new therapies for itching, and shows that the outer layer of the skin is so much more than insulation. The finding, which appears April 2 in Gastroenterology, indicates that the keratinocyte cells… Read More »

How diet affects heart disease statistics

Furthermore, for vitamin D, several. These results are in agreement observational studies have reported that reduced vitamin D levels are statitics with endothelial dysfunction and ], and this deficiency might be related to foam cell formation and decreased expression of. BMJ Open. Increasing awareness of the cardiovascular consequences of obesity. Send us your feedback. Tea… Read More »

Heart disease vegetable diet

Back to Food and diet. A US study found a vegetarian diet based on less healthy food options, such as refined grains, could increase the risk of heart disease. The researchers behind the latest study made the point that many previous diet and health studies “lumped together” all types of vegetarian diets as plant-based, without… Read More »