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What antidepressants increase dopamine

Climbing some stairs, butyrate is good for the brain and nerve cells as it prevented the death of nerve cells responsible for activating movement. In order to make dopamine; a timed approach to eating. You spend a third of your life on it. Because of these what antidepressants increase dopamine effects; the clinical information represents… Read More »

Can flu increase liver enzymes

Scan is an image, it may cause your liver to secrete more enzymes. The liver also produces bile to break down fat, i have elevated liver counts and have been vomiting for two weeks what would cause this? All other blood work normal, your liver produces enzymes in response to an injury or toxin. The… Read More »

Abortion Does Not Increase Women’s Risk for Suicide

Although abortion is a legal medical procedure in the United States, the belief that abortion is associated with adverse psychological outcomes has been the basis for legislation and policies which restrict access to abortion.  At the present time 34 states currently require that women seeking an abortion receive counseling regarding the negative emotional consequences she… Read More »

Research shows hair dye and straighteners increase risk of breast cancer in Black women

Adobe Stock Images A study has sparked concerns about how permanent hair dye and chemical hair straighteners affects the safety of African American women. The study was recently published in the International Journal of Cancer. Past research has found a connection in the chemicals of hair dye and straighteners with cancer. However, when tested within… Read More »

How to live longer: Following this diet once a month could increase your life expectancy

The secret to long life expectancy is to follow a healthy lifestyle – regularly exercising, limiting alcohol intake, not smoking and eating a healthy balanced diet. When it comes to eating a healthy diet, the NHS recommends eating at least five portions of a variety of fruit and vegetables every day, basing meals on higher… Read More »