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Yoga Poses for Cancer Recovery

Yoga is a highly rated post-surgery cancer care technique. Every cancer survivor will choose to talk with their doctor about the best practices for their unique condition. As a trainer, your best shot lies in offering standard practices. In that case, have a credible tech company such as Gymcatch install a fitness instructor software to… Read More »

What are the poses for yin yoga

Science of Meditation. It’s an ideal time to honor the sun in all of its glory and acknowledge the infinite source of light within ourselves. Elastic fascia and mobile joints lead to better flexibility, which is one of the key benefits to a regular yin yoga practice. A regular practice will help you excel in… Read More »

Why are yoga poses named after animals

This yoga pose stretches the groin, thighs, back and opens the arms and the shoulders. They diffuse the situation by circulating their blood and balancing the energy in their bodies. This is one of the lesser known yoga why are yoga poses named after animals poses. It increases flexibility and reduces stiffness as well. Benefits:… Read More »