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Longines Watch Collections to Wear Every Occasion

Longines Watch Collections to Wear Every Occasion Longines Watch Collections to Wear Every Occasion : Longines has been a famous luxury brand for two centuries. It is one of the most preferred among watch collectors. Founded in 1832 by Auguste Agassiz, it manufactures watches in St. Imier, Switzerland, where it designs and creates high-end luxury timepieces.… Read More »

Tech sites hype Apple Watch for COVID-19 prediction without providing the evidence

Milwaukee oncologist Michael Thompson, MD, wrote to me yesterday morning (February 10)  about an article – “New Study Suggests Apple Watch Heart Rate Sensor Can Predict COVID-19 Up to a Week Before a Swab Test” – promoted on Twitter by MacRumors.com. The story was about the so-called Warrior Watch Study at Mount Sinai Medical Center in… Read More »

Watch Dr. Pimple Popper Meets a Man Covered in Hundreds of Lipomas in This Exclusive Clip

Sure, you’ve seen massive lipomas on Dr. Pimple Popper before, including specimens as large as a grapefruit. But you’ve never seen hundreds of growths on a single person until now. In an exclusive clip from Dr. Pimple Popper’s new spin-off series Dr. Pimple Popper: Before The Pop, dermatologist and TLC host Dr. Sandra Lee, MD… Read More »

Mount Sinai researchers using Apple Watch to study COVID-19 stress

Researchers at Mount Sinai are the latest to leverage wearables to study the COVID-19 crisis. By using the Apple Watch in combination with a unique phone app and simple survey questions, they hope to study the psychological impact of COVID-19 and potentially flag early signs of the disease.  Other researchers have used surveys or medical… Read More »