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New COVID symptom lasts 150 days

While the most common signs of coronavirus are a dry cough, fever, and shortness of breath, a new study has found a new, lingering symptom that can last five months after infection. It is dubbed “COVID toes” and it is when the body part turns purple from the disease. The skin condition typically develops within… Read More »

70 days on hcg diet

Original email for context: I need to lose 35 pounds. How long would this normally take on HCG? I need to not stop if possible or at bear minimum go as long as possible without a stop. But I can give you a general range. You will need 2 rounds. Probably 1 long 6 week… Read More »

Keto diet two high carb days

Generally, it means getting most of your calories from fat, moderate calories from protein and very few from carbohydrates. The exact ratio of fat, protein and carbs can vary more on that below. This combination puts you in ketosis, a powerful way to burn body fat and dial in your mental focus, among other keto… Read More »

Diet of not eating 2 days a week

Some people should not do to cook. Not so much because Diet was hungry, but because of the thought that the next day I could have things I really wanted – just not in great portions,” she. Home Recipes Not sure what this type days diet, however. Or you can stay on dayd eating for… Read More »

Medical News Today: Sugar alters brain chemistry after only 12 days

New research in pigs finds that sugar intake alters the reward-processing circuitry of the brain in a similar way to addictive drugs. Whenever we learn something new or experience something pleasurable, our brain’s reward system becomes activated. With the help of natural brain chemicals, several brain areas communicate with each other to help us learn… Read More »