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Is COVID-19 a Risk Factor for Postpartum Psychosis?

There is evidence in non-perinatal populations that human coronaviruses can be neurotropic and that virus infection may increase vulnerability to neuropsychiatric illness, including depression, anxiety, psychosis and delirium. Based on this finding,  researchers have speculated that there may be an association between contracting COVID-19 and developing a postpartum psychiatric illness.  This hypothesis has been preliminarily… Read More »

High Levels of Distress in Pregnant and Postpartum Women During the Pandemic

There have been multiple studies over last year showing increased anxiety and depression in certain populations as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.  It is clear that some members of the population may be more susceptible to psychological distress than others.  Because pregnant and postpartum women face unique challenges in the context of the COVID-19… Read More »

How can i stop postpartum hair loss

Enter frozen veggies, the go-to A review of the use of Biotin for hair loss found that biotin supplementation improved hair and nail growth but more definitive research is needed. Get the best of Motherly—delivered to your inbox. Tips for dealing with postpartum hair loss If you’re losing hair since giving birth, there are some… Read More »