WA teachers concerned over COVID-19

By | April 15, 2020

Educators are concerned about how schools can safely operate in term two, as the state hits a total of 532 coronavirus cases.

A decision will be made after the national cabinet meeting on Thursday, with WA public schools to begin term two on April 29.

State School Teachers Union of WA president Pat Byrne said members were concerned they did not have access to personal protective equipment like health workers.

“There’s no question that the best form of learning is in the classroom,” she told reporters on Wednesday.

“What the dilemma for us is, is how to put that consideration against the consideration of safety and health for both the students and the adults who work in a school.”

But Health Minister Roger Cook is “fairly comfortable” with schools opening, despite a lot of anxiety in the community.

Australian Associated Press

Western Advocate – Health

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