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By | December 19, 2017

When we think about our health, we really don’t. I am a 53 year female. Although I think about my health, I really don’t. A few months ago, I started having some medical problems. I went to have a physical. My doctor told me I was diabetic.

At first, I was in denial. But that wasn’t the problem. After telling my doctor there was something really wrong with me, she sent me to another doctor who said I was packed and needed a laxative. Knowing that was not the problem, I told him that whatever was wrong with me, it must be in the blood. Because they are doctors, sometimes they don’t listen to you. I was so sick that I literally could not get out of bed most of the time. My feet, knees, elbows, wrists and ankles hurt so bad. I had temperatures to100.6.

Instead of spending money running to the emergency room, I used cold packs and ate ice to bring down my fevers. Then one day, I woke up where one of my wrists were totally swollen and no use of my right hand. That’s when I realized I had to go back for more medical attention. Instead of going to the doctor, I went to the emergency room. There they took x-rays of my hand. (X-rays don’t always show your problem). They referred me to and orthopedic. He wrote a script for more tests. When the results came back, I was shocked. All the pain and agony was either coming from lime disease, rheumatoid arthritis or lupus. He referred me to a rheumatologist. More tests were done. When the test results came back, I had a diagnosis. Lupus, RA and Osteoarthritis.

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She then put me on medication and I do feel a lot better. Although we know we have problems medically, we feel we have to sacrifice for our families. And that’s what I did. We didn’t have the money for the expensive co-pays that we have to pay every time you need to see a doctor. So I stayed in bed and suffered. But, with the help of God, things started to shape up a little and I was able to get the care that I needed. My point in all of this is we do the things we have to do to make sure everyone is o.k. But what would happen to our loved ones if we are not there to take care of them. For months I lay in bed and dragged around without energy because of the expense that came with trying to feel better.

With the help of my rheumatologist, I am virtually painless. Please don’t think about your health and don’t. It’s a big price to pay. I thank God for a loving husband and understanding children that really stood by me and worried. Because I thought by not going to the doctor I was helping to make sure the bills were paid. The family suffered because I was not able to give them my all.

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