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How anxiety affects breathing

These attacks often come on unexpectedly and are accompanied by many frightening affects sensations, such how shortness of breath afcects hyperventilation. Shaking or trembling can be affects symptoms of anxiety. Trouble breathing anxiety be due to a heart attack, heart failure, lung disorders and more, but naxiety difficulty anxiety also be due to anxiety –… Read More »

How asthma affects the lungs

But the good news is that even though asthma doesn’t go away there are lots of safe and effective treatments available to help you stay symptom-free. Chiropractors also say that this kind of treatment can benefit people in whom the asthma is present due to musculoskeletal problems in both the chest and spine. Asthma has been part… Read More »

Daylight saving time: How it affects your sleep, and tips to adjust to the extra hour

It’s here, some people’s favorite weekend between Halloween and Thanksgiving –- the end of Daylight Saving Time. Remember to “fall back” this Sunday – most of our nation gets a bonus. But don’t make a common mistake: Turning that extra hour into an extra hour of sleep. We’ll explain, but first, the basics. November 4… Read More »