Minimize your Pain, Maximize Painkiller Power

By | February 10, 2018

First, commiserations for your pain. But congratulations on getting the right painkiller. To make sure you get the most from it and make sure it has the best chance of easing your suffering, since some pain is less responsive than other pain to painkillers, use this guide. These steps to success and precautions will help to maximize the effects of your medication so that you don’t have to suffer and you don’t have to needlessly increase the dose. Finding the Right Dose The proper dose size is found by doctors. First, they give you a small dose and then increase it bit by bit until you start to feel the pain release. It is important that you are completely honest here. This process is designed to give you the most effective dose size while reducing your chance of nasty side effects. It also give you some space to increase your doze size as you build tolerance to the medicine. Why don’t they just start you on an estimated dose size? People react differently to every medication. If you were to have an allergy, the reaction could be less if the dose size is small. Furthermore, because science has no real accurate way to measure pain – come on, you’ve seen those charts with those painful grimaces and frowns – doctors have to rely on the subjective experiences of their patients to determine when it is working. The gradual administration of medicine allows you to evaluate when you are getting the right effect. Since a lot of people are taking this pain medication for the long-term, it is important to limit the gradual effect on your organs. All prescription drugs seem to impact the liver a bit, and while there shouldn’t be any problem with it as long as you are using the medication properly, doctors are all about minimizing risk. Using the Tablets There are two main kind of tablet forms your medication comes in. The first kind is meant to be swallowed. The second kind is meant to dissolve in the mouth. If you are using the second kind of tablet, make sure to wash and then thoroughly dry your hands before opening the pack. Instead of pushing through the foil with the tablet, peel it back so that the tablet will come out easily. Then, place it on the tongue and wait for it to dissolve completely. Water is optional, so drink some or not. Make sure you do not to break, chew, or split the tablet. There is such a thing as taking the medication sublingually. For this, patients often crush the tablet into a powder and let it dissolve under the tongue. The purpose of this is to skip the first stage of metabolizing the medicine so that the pain relief comes quickly. Never take it sublingually without doctor instruction. Because Ultram is a synthetic opiod drug, it is less addictive and has a smaller capacity for abuse than Vicodin, Codeine, and Morphine. However, it is still smart to try to stay on the smallest dose possible. If you’re not worried about abuse, it is possible to build a tolerance, so stay low and minimize risk.

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