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From Spanish flu to COVID-19, how NYC’s oldest restaurants are surviving 2nd pandemic

They survived Hurricane Sandy, 9/11 and even the 1918 Spanish flu. Now New York’s oldest and most storied restaurants, bars and cafes are struggling to survive the coronavirus pandemic. Naysayers feared that the city was on the cusp of losing its most beloved eateries when COVID-19 shuttered restaurants. After all, 87 percent of NYC bars… Read More »

Report: Ransomware op leaks 48,000 documents stolen from New Jersey hospital

University Hospital in New Jersey has experienced a 48,000-document data breach, according to reporting from security researcher Ax Sharma at BleepingComputer. According to Sharma, the Newark-based hospital’s records appear to be among those leaked by SunCrypt, a ransomware operation that began hosting a dedicated leak site earlier this year. The data leak, which has since been removed… Read More »

This Biotech Startup Just Raised $47 Million To Make Drugs From Fungi

Fungi in the lab Hexagon Bio In 1928, a Scottish researcher by the name of Alexander Fleming came back from vacation to discover that he’d accidentally grown a species of fungi called Penicillium on a petri dish containing bacteria. The fungi, to Fleming’s surprise, appeared to be keeping the growth of that bacteria at bay.… Read More »