Clomid (clomiphene Citrate) Medication Used In Infertility Treatment For Women

By | November 15, 2017

Infertility in women
Inability of women to become pregnant in spite of attempting for the duration of entire year (or six months in case of women aged 35+ years) is considered as infertility. Even women who may become pregnant but are unable to continue being pregnant are also considered as infertile. Infertility may occur when any of the following sequence of actions, required for pregnancy to occur, is hampered:
a.The ovaries in a woman, release an egg (ovulation).
b.The egg passes through fallopian tube and reaches the Uterus (womb).
c.The male sperm is able to attach (fertilize) with the egg while it reaches the Uterus.
d.The egg should then connect to the internal walls of uterus (implantation)
Infertility is quite a common complaint and almost 10 % American women are said to suffer from infertility, with almost 2.1 million married infertile American women according to latest reports.
Ovulation problems are the most common cause of infertility in women. Ovulation issue means lack of eggs for fertilization. Erratic patterns or even complete absence of menstrual periods are considered to be the most prominent indicators of infertility. PCOS or Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and POI or Primary ovarian insufficiency (POI) are two of the most common factors in ovulation problems. PCOS is an issue created by an unbalanced hormone whereas POI is abnormal behavior of ovaries generally after a woman turns forty. POI is different from menopause. Other causes of infertility include:
Blockage in fallopian tubes as result of pelvic inflammation, endometriosis or ectopic pregnancy related operations.
Uterus related issues
Uterine fibroids (growths on uterus walls)
Age is a major factor in growth of infertility cases, esp. in America and major developed nations. Due to professional, social and other such reasons, the average age of women having first child is around 35 years. This number is around 20 % in the United States. It is found that in a third of all infertility cases, the age of the woman is over 35, thus indicating it to be a major factor. Following are the reasons in which age tends to affect a womans fertility:
Ability of ovaries to produce eggs is reduced.
Egg production decreases
Eggs may not be healthy
Fertility maybe affected as the woman may suffer from deteriorating health conditions
Chances of miscarriage increase
Ideally women should try for pregnancy before the age of 30, as the chances of having a baby after thirty, start reducing at a very fast rate. Women should plan for at least a years period for trying to have a baby. Consultations with doctors before planning is vital, as they may able to suggest various factors that may be specific for the person to have a healthy and normal pregnancy.
Infertility treatments: Medications like Generic Clomid (Clomiphene Citrate)
Doctors can try various different types of treatments in treating fertility, including Medications like Generic Clomid (Clomiphene Citrate); Surgery; Artificial Insemination or Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART). Generally doctors prefer medication like Clomid or surgery depending on individual case. Users can buy Generic Clomid or order Clomiphene Citrate from online pharmacies. Normal drugstores may not always guarantee availability and hence purchasing Clomid online with doorstep delivery is a convenient, comfortable and sometimes even cheap option.

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Order Clomid online
Users should buy Clomid (Clomiphene Citrate) only after discussing all benefits and risks with users doctor. Clomid can be ordered from normal drugstores or online pharmacies. Always order genuine Clomiphene Citrate from respected online drugstores.