Harry Potter fans can now take 'wizard yoga' classes in Dublin

By | December 1, 2018

Any yoga enthusiasts who feel their regular classes are lacking a certain magical quality may want to check out a new weekly class which is taking place in Dublin.

‘Wizard yoga’ is a weekly event run by yoga instructor and Harry Potter fanatic Siobhán Carroll and is open to all witches and wizards, and well meaning muggles.

Siobhán taught wizard yoga at festivals like Earthsong and conventions like WizardCon, and has just announced her first public Wizard Yoga course.

The classes take place at the Liffey Trust Studios on 117-126 Upper Sheriff Street every Tuesday at 7pm for the next four weeks.

Classes are on offer at €15 a go or you can book a spot at all four classes upfront for just €50.


Announcing the classes on social media, Siobhan wrote: “Tomorrow in Wizard Yoga we’ll be doing Harry Potter and the Goblet of yoga!” she wrote.

“Expect mermaids and dragons and plenty of breath of fire! I can’t guarantee that there will be no dead Hufflepuffs at the end of this class but I can guarantee we’ll have a lot of fun!”

Anyone interested in heading along to the event is encouraged to bring a yoga mat, some water and any other Harry Potter paraphernalia of their choosing, such as robes and wands.

To purchase ticket to the classes, click here.

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