Natural Pain Relief Techniques You Should Know About

By | April 7, 2018

Are you tired of putting chemicals in your body every time you have an ache and again pop a pill to try to feel better? Do you wish there were some natural pain relief techniques, ones that don’t involve a trip to the doctor, the pharmacist, and using your wallet? You’ve come to the right place. There are many pain relievers you can try – if you only know about them!

Managing Pain The Natural Way

Did you realize that practicing yoga can help with pain relief? Those who do yoga regularly find that it is a great way to de-stress and get rid of cramps and knotting up of muscles. Don’t overdo it at first, when you’re beginning to learn the positions and the limits of your current body, but enjoy stretching and tuning in to your body. The relaxation aspect of yoga can also help with relieving headaches.

Two traditional “friends” from grandma’s first aid box – heat and cold. Remember, put on cold first, to help reduce inflammation just after an injury occurs. Then later, after the injury is past being likely to swell, heat can help soothe the injury. The natural pain relief technique of using heat and cold appropriately cannot be overestimated.

Grandma would also be the first to remind you that if you have a sore throat you should gargle with warm salt water. Though as kids we thought it disgusting, it is a natural pain relief technique or method that really works. The warmth soothes the throat while the salt helps kill the germs, and you will get relief from the pain.

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Specific Situations – Name ‘Em!

You’ve got menstrual cramps? There are some natural techniques for pain relief you should try. First, use a heating pad or one of those new heated patches that affix to the skin and stay hot for hours. Massage also helps a lot, if the cramps are in a muscle that can be massaged, like the thighs or calves. If you’re suffering from leg cramps (which are often associated with menstrual cramps) try going for a walk. The walking will stretch out the muscles and help them relax so that you can get some sleep and respite from the aches and pains of an intense period. These techniques, while natural, can give pain relief for menstrual (and other) cramping.

Urinary tract infections? Avoid them by drinking cranberry juice periodically. If you do end up with an infection, common wisdom is to drink more cranberry juice so that the urine created by the juice goes through your urinary tract. Also, some people swear by drinking a glass of water with two Alka-Seltzer tablets dissolved in it just as soon as you begin getting symptoms of an infection.

Do you have restless leg syndrome? Forget the doctor visit and expensive medications. First, try the time-honored remedy of putting a bar of soap underneath the sheet while you sleep. For whatever reason, many people report that this works.

Finding pain relief through natural techniques is something accessible to everyone. Better than rushing to the doctor or the medicine cabinet, and just as effective in most cases…worth a try!

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