The Camcorder Everyone is Raving About ? The Flip Ultra HD

By | April 20, 2018

This camera will do more than you have ever thought possible.  Let’s face it, we want to remember life’s moments.  With the Flip Ultra HD Video Camcorder you can use the zoom feature to capture more of the moment at quite a distance.  The zoom will shoot up to 2 times of the video.  So, this is as good as the standard zoom range for hand held camcorders.  You will not be anxious about not getting that special shot while on your much awaited vacation or family outing.  You can be spontaneous when taking pictures.  Every moment is captured in living-color motion.

When the camcorder is pressed on – it beeps on and the green “ready” light is displayed.  It even tells you how much recording time is left – sweet.

One of the features of the camera is that you can take underwater videos if your camera is in the clear acrylic case.  The case protects your camcorder to depths of up to 30 feet.  You have full access to the camera’s controls.  The handy and convenient wrist strap eases your worries about losing your camera while shooting underwater action.

Since the camera only weighs 11 ounces, you can carry the camera in your pocket.  The video camera is tiny but mighty.  It has 8GB of internal memory and give two hours (120 minutes) of recording in full HD quality.  And get this, it has a rechargeable battery pack so you won’t miss that special once-in-a-life time moment.

Something else to consider is burning your videos into a DVD format.  You can use the included software to convert the files.  You could also take your videos to a photo processor to burn your DVD.

You’ll probably want to share these videos with family and friends.  Well, that’s not a problem.  The camera has a flip-out USB arm plug.  This arm can be connected directly into your PC or MAC to launch the FlipShare software.

This function will get you started in emailing your videos, editing your clips. You can even make custom movies.  In addition to that — you can capture still photos from the video.  Before you go, guess what?



You’ll be excited to know that the camcorder is powered by the superb AAC (advanced audio coding) audio system.  AAC is part of the digital radio standards.  You can view and purchase the camera everyone is raving about.  Go NOW to