Alternative health techniques meet modern medicine at new center

By | February 3, 2019

The Bursa Traditional and Complementary Medicine (GETAT) Center, which was built by the Bursa governorship at a cost of nearly TL 7 million and described as a modern healing center, will soon offer alternative medical treatment in 10 branches, including ozone therapy, musicotherapy, homeopathy, phytotherapy and apitherapy.

The center building, which was built by the governorship near İlker Çelikcan Physical Treatment and Rehabilitation Hospital in the town of Çekirge in Bursa province, sits on 2,475 square meters.

Ozone therapy, music therapy, mesotherapy, homeopathy, phytotherapy, cupping, acupuncture, leech therapy, hypnosis and apitherapy applications will be performed in the center, which will be in service under the Bursa Yüksek İhtisas Training and Research Hospital. Later, chiropractic, reflexology and osteopathy will be provided, as well.

After the health statuses of the patients at the center are evaluated by GETAT’s doctor in charge, the appropriate traditional and complementary medicine will be selected and treatment will be administered.

Noting that the construction of the center was totally assumed by the Bursa governorship, Provincial Health Director Özcan Akan said: “We finished the center today. While preparing it, we tried to build with the perspective of a healing center of modern medicine. It was built inspired by Ottoman and Seljuk architecture. We will start accepting patients soon. We plan to start providing services in 10 branches. We have spared no expense. We have a plan to make this place an educational center as well.”

Akan stated that the Health Ministry considers this place’s service as a unit appropriate. “Our center is the biggest of its kind in Turkey. We have all the advanced medical devices so that it can serve at the international level. There is no deficiency now. I hope, we will start providing services starting next week,” he continued.

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In the center, treatments such as phytotherapy with herbs, music therapy, cupping and acupuncture will be performed. It combines traditional and archaic culture, Ottoman perception and modern medicine. The treatments in the center will be licensed and supervised by the relevant experts in accordance with the standards and criteria determined by the ministry.

Bursa Yüksek İhtisas Training and Research Hospital Deputy Chief Physician Mürsel Sali, who is also the individual in charge of the center, explained that methods like apitherapy, homeopathy and ozone therapy will be performed in the unique center. Sali stressed, “Apart from them, methods such as cupping, acupuncture, leech therapy and phytotherapy will also take place. This is the biggest center in Turkey in its field. The unit was approved. We will never compete against medicine but work alongside it.”

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