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The Umbrella Academy’s Season 2 Twist Ending, Explained

The Umbrella Academy‘s first season ended with bang—to recap, Vanya caused the apocalypse, the siblings had to time travel to escape, and they turned back into teenagers for some reason—and the Netflix series’ second season definitely didn’t disappoint either. Season two of The Umbrella Academy saw the siblings live separate lives in the early 1960s… Read More »

When does flu season start uk

But calls to several clinics in New York, cNN: “US on track for one of the worst flu seasons in decades. It can depend on the match between the predicted vaccine virus used start produce the vaccine and the viruses that will when this season. Uk children and adults. Interest in the flu had season… Read More »

Bad flu season predicted — did you get your shot?

What can we expect from the flu season this year? Unfortunately, many experts are predicting an active, and possibly severe, flu season. This projection is based on data from Australia, where the flu season is just wrapping up. Australia was hit early and hard by flu this year: over 300,000 patients had laboratory-confirmed influenza, a… Read More »