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Medical News Today: Heart health: Are women getting incorrect treatment?

Recent research suggests that ignoring sex-specific risk factors of heart disease has resulted in women having a higher risk of dying from heart failure than men. Share on PinterestDifferences between men and women may mean that the latter do not receive the right treatment for heart conditions. A review published in Nature Medicine reveals an… Read More »

Can acne go away without treatment

Can acne go away without treatment you have oily skin, wash off with a gentle cleanser such as Cetaphil. Everyone thinks that if they have any kind of a pimple, then the pus can easily be extracted with a sterilized needle. May result in the form of blackheads; we don’t keep our beauty secrets. Apply… Read More »

Why was Jordan Peterson placed in a medically induced coma? What we know about benzodiazepines and treatment

In the wake of news that Jordan Peterson spent eight days in an induced coma in Russia to overcome a physical dependency on a benzodiazepine drug, questions have been raised about the nature of this commonly prescribed drug, its symptoms and the best way to treat withdrawal. In a video and transcript provided to the… Read More »

Anxiety treatment and carisoprodol information

Then other forms of anxiety disorder, in particular generalized anxiety disorder and panic disorder. Anxiety treatment and carisoprodol information euphoria – This effect generally occurs only at heavier doses, but may be present at lower doses as well. The behavioral effects of anxiety may include withdrawal from situations which have provoked anxiety or negative feelings… Read More »

Medical News Today: Everything you need to know about fluoride treatment

Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral that helps build strong teeth and prevent cavities. For more than 70 years, most of the tap water in America has contained small amounts of fluoride to reduce tooth decay. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) say that fluoridated water has reduced tooth decay by about 25… Read More »

Trials to begin on new cancer treatment

Clinical trials on a new treatment expected to improve the survival rates for sufferers of lung and ovarian cancer will begin soon in South Australia. Recruiting patients for the trials will start in early 2020 thanks to a partnership between AusHealth and researchers at the Royal Adelaide Hospital. RAH Cancer Clinical Trials Unit chief Michael… Read More »