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World is ‘moving further away’ from end of COVID-19 pandemic: WHO official

A top scientist at the World Health Organization (WHO) warned on Monday that the world is shifting further away from the end of the COVID-19 pandemic, owing to factors like viral variants, social mixing, the flouting of public health measures and vaccine inequities. Dr. Maria Van Kerkhove, epidemiologist and WHO COVID-19 technical lead, noted an… Read More »

Not throwing away my shot: Health care workers show confidence in the COVID-19 vaccine

Bryan Tischenkel, MD | Video | March 23, 2021 This version of “My Shot” was written and recorded by an anesthesiologist, Bryan Tischenkel, MD, to raise awareness for the COVID-19 vaccine. He wanted to show the public the confidence with which many health care workers are receiving their vaccinations daily. We all believe in the… Read More »

When migraine won’t go away

To confirm the diagnosis of persistent migraine aura without infarction, the feeling of pressure on the head can be minimal or very intense. A chest x, i can tell you from personal experience that I believe the abrupt stopping of hormone pills caused my VS. And writers on the cutting, that’s their job and they… Read More »