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By | November 12, 2019

According to surveys and statistics, obesity is a rampant epidemic in United States, spiking up in numbers since the last decade, with predictions that it will only go higher from here. And it’s no surprise either, since more and more people are adapting to sedentary lifestyles, and the Western diet is mainly comprised of fast food and other unhealthy choices. In fact, latest statistics show that 40 percent of all the people living in the U.S. are suffering from obesity, which is something not to be proud of.

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One look at other countries would also provide a huge contrast, showing us how big America’s obesity problem actually is. Take for example, France, which is a country that has a culture famous for eating for pleasure, and just for virtue. Now, it’s no secret that French bakeries are some of the finest the world has to offer, providing a wide array of delicacies on the daily. People in France are also more used to eating out than in the U.S., thanks to the countless, fine restaurants that the country has to offer.

So how come the obesity rate of adults in France are less than 17 percent? How come that in obesity rates of developed nations, they’re on the low end?

It’s all to do with what we can call as the French pastry diet.

The French Pastry “Diet”

Truth be told, this particular diet is more a culture than an actual diet, since people in France unknowingly “practice” it. How?

Well, take for example their bakeries, which serve their food in smaller servings. Sure, there are a lot of croissants, or chouquettes and éclairs, but these are made in smaller portions. Three-course meals are also spaced out and slow, which stops overeating. The red wine that helps bodies burn fat is a plus as well.

Lastly, people in France are more encouraged to walk a lot, or bike if it’s farther. So all in all, it’s not exactly following a specific diet pattern that can help us lose weight, but rather a reflection on our food and lifestyle choices. So what healthy habit will you try to start today?

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