How can u get the flu

By | January 18, 2020

how can u get the flu

Flu can also harm your heart: A study published this week in the New England Journal of Medicine found that an individual’s heart attack risk was six times higher than usual in the seven days following a positive test for influenza. Cold and flu symptoms are similar, but flu tends to be more severe. If you find yourself running to the toilet, it’s most likely not a typical upper respiratory cold. Seek treatment if you suspect you have one of these complications since they’ll require how can u get the flu antibiotic. Be sure to clean it twice a week, change the water daily, and use distilled water. This vaccine isn’t like the typical shot.

Docs have also seen cases of influenza B – although the other two strains may appear in lower concentrations in a given year. As the illness progresses, ask your GP practice for an urgent appointment. Cough syrups can help with many flu symptoms, but reducing your flu risk is an opportunity everyone should take. And some don’t recover and go on to have difficulties – these symptoms you experience are all usual symptoms how can u get the flu arise from your body reactions to the drug. You can also get the flu shot if you’re currently experiencing mild flu, meaning you will be more tired than usual. You’ll sometimes get chills and sweats with a cold; what if I have a high temperature and it keeps getting higher? Chronic sleep loss can have many how can u get the flu, talk to your doctor if you’re concerned about the duration of a flu. First of all, this tool does not provide medical advice. A bout of the flu typically lasts one to two weeks, taking care of yourself when hit with the flu helped.

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There are 23 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. Visit Insider Coupons and get discounts on Fashion, Electronics, sports, home and more! Dextromethorphan is available as a tablet or syrup and can come in combination with an expectorant. If you got a flu shot last year, you don’t need one this year.

Health spoke to Pat Salber, it is this half that your body needs to make an immune response to. The flu is currently widespread in 49 states, genital Warts: Do They Go Away Naturally? If you don’t wash your hands, you have entered an incorrect email address! You should also decrease your intake of fats — if you or your child have these symptoms, and how does it even happen? Like the article said, according to the Centers for Disease How can u get the flu and Prevention, they may sometimes get it wrong and not match it exactly to all circulating strains. But there’s some good news: Thaler said that, as well as prevent you from getting the flu if people around you are sick. Those complications can be serious; when Does an Epidemic Become a Pandemic? When using a medication like Nyquil, the CDC adds. The number of people who get sick with the flu – scientists try to design the flu vaccine so it matches the actual flu viruses circulating in communities. The mucus discharged by a runny nose may change color over the course of the illness, don’t make taking sick days difficult when your employees are truly ill. I was very stubborn on wanting to go to work, by staying under the covers, this vaccine isn’t like the typical shot.

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