Period Emoji Offends People: 5 Emojis that are ACTUALLY Offensive but No One Gives a S**t About

By | February 7, 2019
Period Emoji Offends People: 5 Emojis that are ACTUALLY Offensive but No One Gives a S**t About

Period emoji offends people on the internet (Photo Credits: File Image)

Surprise, surprise! People on the internet are offended by the Period Emoji. It turns out that the image of a red drop against a blue backdrop can be upsetting to some people. Some considerate gentlemen believe they had spoken on behalf of womankind when they branded the emoji “disgusting”, “not classy” and “pointless.” Twitter is full of bewildered men, wondering how the period emoji may be of any use to them. Perhaps they didn’t get the memo that not everything is about them.

In case you are late to the party, let’s fill you in. The non-descript period emoji was released in a bid to end stigma against menstruation by Plan International. A survey showed that 47 percent of women believed the emoji could help them openly talk about periods.

The backlash by the pearl-clutching folks is hilarious but not surprising. Take a look at some of the reactions on Twitter. Let the ignorance parade begin!

Here are the tweets:

Many of these prudes have severe issues with discussing periods. Why? Because period blood is a bodily secretion and no one needs to know what comes out of which orifice. We don’t talk about those over emojis! Except that we do.

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It looks like they haven’t been paying attention. The period emoji is not the first “offensive” one on the list. Have you forgotten about these?

The Poop Emoji

Poop emoji (Photo Credits: File Image)

The oddly-happy swirl of excrement has been around for a long time, but no one batted an eyelid. Speaking of uselessness. Tell me one instance where a conversation can be enriched using the poop emoji. And is there anything more offensive and gross than poop? Yes, there is. Your double standards!

The Vomit Emoji

Sick emoji (Photo Credits: File Image)

So no one saw this before? In what world is vomitus a more respectable bodily fluid that period blood, which, BTW is entirely sterile when it is discharged.

The Middle Finger Emoji

Middle finger emoji (Photo Credits: File Image)

To all you self-anointed guardians of society’s morality….

Yes, you! Would you try flipping the bird in front of all the children you so want to protect? I thought so too! So where was your outrage all these days?

The Droplets Emoji

Droplets emoji (Photo Credits: File Image)

Sure, they are just three droplets. They don’t look anything like semen. But will you ever get yourself to admit that you HAVE used them one too many times in naughty conversations before?

The Fart Emoji

Fart emoji (Photo Credits: File Image)

No gust of wind every looked like that…EVER! You can call it the Speeding Off emoji. But we all know what that is.

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Here’s the thing about the period emoji. If it offends you, you don’t have to use it. A single drop-shaped emoji cannot corrupt the children nor tear at the moral fibre of society. Believe it or not; by adding periods to our “digital vocabulary” women and girls all over the world will find it easier to start conversations around menses. It may be a small step, but it’s a crucial one towards destigmatising and normalising menstruation. And your outrage is futile.

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