IFF Pro Lisa Marie Sanders Spills Her Fitness Secrets & Road To Success

By | April 28, 2019
Lisa Marie Sanders

Real estate agent, IFBB PRO, Army & Air Force Veteran, ex cop, married mother of 3, Lisa Marie Sanders has a boxful knowledge of nutrition, crossfit, fitness, boxing, kickboxing & bodybuilding.  

Women Fitness President Namita Nayyar recently caught up with her to talk about her fitness goals!

Namita Nayyar:

You were born in Akron Ohio and raised in a small town Tallmadge OH. You were interested in sports and physical activities since your childhood. You played softball, tennis, ballet, gymnastics and track. Later you were encouraged & motivated to compete in fitness competitions as your father was also a bodybuilder. You reached the pinnacle of success by participating in many physique competitions. Tell us about your journey that took you to the world of fitness and as a competitor in physique competitions?

Lisa Marie Sanders
Lisa Marie Sanders:

Honestly I never had a desire to compete. I just did sports and lifting because I liked it and wanted to stay healthy and in shape as a mother of 3 children. My parents were very physically active and instilled that into all their children as a way of life. I am very thankful they taught me that at an early age. I went into the military straight out of high school, ad that is where I learned my potential physically and mentally.

For 20 years I was encouraged to compete but never believed it until I met a man that is a coach and bodybuilder here in Houston with an excellent track record of athletes. He was very knowledgeable and confident that I would be a pro with his guidance. That was back in 2013 when he prepared me for the first show in Houston, then in 2014 took me to LA where I became Nationally qualified to go Pro in the IFBB. Eight weeks later I was standing on stage in Pittsburg winning Pro status with the IFBB! 

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Namita Nayyar:

How is your experience in health & wellness, work experience in Army, Air Force & Police and background of many years in CrossFit competitions has helped you in carving your present profession of being a fitness model, fitness expert and a pro physique competitor?

Lisa Marie Sanders:

I believe it gave me the diversity to understand so many levels of training, competing, and working a job that demands a certain level of physical activity along with the mental strength. 

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