Jockey Jewels

By | October 26, 2018

It is one of the most difficult ways to make a living and one I don’t recommend as your first source of revenue. There are easier ways to make money, but for those of us who love the challenge of wrestling a few bucks from the race tracks, it is the challenge that makes it worthwhile. If it was only the money we’d do other things.
Therefore, if you decide that the challenge and adventure of horse racing handicapping is worth the risk, here are some thoughts on preserving your stake and staying in the game.
First of all, a good money management plan and some really good information are a sound place to start. The information I am writing about is the risk involved and the chances of winning. This can be broken down into the chances of each horse you choose to back as well as your ability to pick winners. If your “strike rate” is 30% then you can figure that you’re going to use very little of your overall bankroll for each bet.

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