Rishi Patel, Meet the Man behind an Adventurous Journey in Search of New Life

By | February 13, 2020
Rishi Patel, Meet the Man behind an Adventurous Journey in Search of New Life

Rishi Patel (Photo Credits: File Image)

They say, “Nothing is Impossible when you have the sheer passion to achieve it!” yes, this is absolutely true, Indeed! When you have the zest of achieving something new, something completely different than what you are doing; then your passion and dedication works as your true friends. Let’s meet the man who is in search of new life, new adventures none other than Rishi Patel.

About Rishi Patel

Rishi Patel is from Ahmedabad Gujarat. He is from well-educated family background. He himself is an experienced Management Professional with about 4 years of experience in renowned VNC Group (VNC Food Nutrition Pvt. Ltd)

His original name is Rushi Chosaliya, but he is known by Rishi Patel in the society.

Rishi Patel is an entrepreneurial profession and is much passionate about envisioning. He has a creative mind as well as an amazing power of visualization. He is successful in his business because of his world-class imaginations. Being in the Food industry has certainly fed his imagining power.

His motto of life is “If there is any problem, it can surely be solved with the help of technology and education! Nothing is Impossible… and if it is, you are probably thinking about it differently”

While working as a professional for a long time, Rishi has now excited to explore his dreams and fulfil them. He is also very fond of travelling and exploring the world, exploring the rich varieties, different cultures and places around the world. Rishi has spent enough of his life in doing the work and now he has decided to live his life his own way. Wow, what a thought!

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Rishi want to explore and observe new things, meet new people, and learn many things by visiting various regions and countries all across. He believes, “Every New adventure teaches lots of new things in life.”

He is pretty much excited to start his travel life and meet his adventures dream. He has many plans already decided to start his adventures.

Exploring new things, new world, and new places truly relishes your mind and rejuvenate your life, says Rishi Patel. Asking about his travel plans, he explains “My plan is to tackle my business with help of my experience of adventurous life.”

Rishi completely believes that we can learn numerous things from travelling which are absolutely essential to live happy and worthy life. Indeed, Rishi Patel is truly a fascinated guy who is in search of new life and new things through the adventurous journey.

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