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3-year-old girl dies in mom’s arms after misdiagnosed with constipation

A 3-year-old UK girl who was repeatedly misdiagnosed with constipation died from stomach cancer, according to a report. Aoife Flanagan-Gibb of Essex passed away July 7, just days after her family finally received the correct diagnosis, the Mirror reported. “She’d been in and out of the hospital with different infections and problems but they kept… Read More »

Moms, please don’t eat your placentas: Obstetricians say ‘placentophagy’ carries risks, with no proven benefits

After reviewing what scientific data exist on the subject, Canada’s pregnancy specialists are encouraging any woman considering eating or drinking her placenta to please refrain from doing so. The Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada has found no evidence of benefit from human maternal “placentophagy,” but potential risks of harm, including the transfer of… Read More »