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Vegan diet benefits cancer

Advances in Benefits. Learn more. Thus, waiting until diagnosis to start eating and living healthier, might be too late. Change the lives of cancer eiet by giving vegan time and talent. The men and women in the highest quartile of diet meat intake had elevated cancer for overall mortality men: hazard ratio HR, 1. Pilot… Read More »

Hibiscus Benefits for Skin

Hibiscus, also sometimes known as swamp rose, is a bright, tropical flower beloved both by gardeners, tea lovers, and naturopaths. It looks great, it smells great, and it tastes great.  The hibiscus flower has long been used in Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine because of its many potential healing properties. Hibiscus flower has historically been used… Read More »

10 Proven Shilajit Benefits

What is Shilajit? Shilajit resin is a tar-like substance found mainly in the Himalayan Mountains, Altai Mountains, Caucasus Mountains, and the Gilgit Baltistan Mountains of Pakistan. This organic matter is transformed into a rich mineral mass over time, which then oozes out of the rocks when the temperature rises. Pure shilajit resin is a commonly… Read More »