Armchair Psychology Can Be Dangerous

Armchair psychology is not the same as a person who is a professional clinician diagnosing a person with mental health issues. When you are participating in armchair psychology, you are speculating as to what a person struggles with and how you can help them. For example, somebody might think that their brother or partner is… Read More »

Octane Cash Loans Bad Credit Okay

Get instant $ 600 octane loans Philadelphia, PA bad credit ok . You can also apply quick $ 1000 amone Laredo Texas no checking account . While you could meticulously finances your cash and strive to conserve up, occasionally there may be an unforeseen occurrence that needs dollars rapidly. Regardless of whether an accident happens… Read More »

Pfizer’s keys to juggling 8 U.S. launches? Organization, accountability, clear goals

Think you’re busy? Take a look at Pfizer’s commercial team for oncology, which is currently launching four new drugs, three new indications for older drugs, and a biosimilar. And that’s just in the U.S. It’s taken some serious internal organizing on Pfizer’s part, but so far managing the multiple rollouts has been “done very well,”… Read More »


Human Anatomy The study of human anatomy demands that the learners get to know how the human body is designed. You might want to understand how to treat people when they fall. A very important aspect of medical studies is knowing how the body of the human being is aligned. It will definitely help you… Read More »

Dad’s fingers lost in industrial blender accident, replaced with toes

Father gets fingers replaced with toes after losing them in industrial blender accident Medical Mysteries and Marvels: Jeremy Payton was the victim of a horrible industrial accident that left him without the fingers on his right hand. Years later, he heard about an operation in which surgeons could replace some of his fingers with his… Read More »